About the Author

Katherine Orfinger is a writer and visual artist based in Central Florida. She attends Daytona State College, where she studies Elementary Education. Her writing deals with exploring gender and sexual identity in the aftermath of sexual abuse, as well as mental illness and addiction. You can read more about her struggles with mental illness at Rad Recovery. She has been published in Teen Ink and Crashtest Magazine, and was a multi-Gold Key winner in the Scholastic National Art & Writing Competition in 2014.

Katherine is part of the Reform Judaism movement, and her dream is to teach kindergarten at a Jewish grade school. Before she found her passion for teaching, she planned to become a rabbi or cantor. She briefly attended Eckerd College, (which was less of a higher education and more of a drug binge) only to drop out, take a year off, and re-enroll in college at Daytona State.

She is halfway through her Associate of Arts degree, and her next step will be transferring to a four-year university to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Creative Writing. There are so many fascinating topics, and so little time…

Here, the author is pictured eating the most delicious ramen she’s ever tasted in her most civilized manner. It was truly the highlight of an otherwise tumultuous family vacation to California.


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