Cold Water Women

What does it take
get a
of cold water?

Daddy shows me how
a scrunched-up
straw wrapper  becomes
a worm on the table at Cracker Barrel.
The water makes
the fledgling
worm expand in
a puddle.
Little Katie laughs.

In the shower
with my male companion,
(That’s poet-speak for
fuck buddy.) he says
women blossom
under cold water.
Hard nipples
and the like.
Katherine shivers.

In the shower
alone, and the only cold water
in the whole house
finds my clit.
Sharp! Sharp! Sharp!
But my breathing doesn’t change.
I haven’t seen snow
in too long,
only sunsets
flushed pink from orgasm,
bruised blue
from so-called lovers’ hands.
It is past midnight.
I turn off the shower head.


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