Don’t Make the Call

Don’t call him.
Don’t ┬ácall him.
Don’t call him.

Can I text him?

No. Fuck you.

Who are you even talking about?

I don’t know.

There’s the ex-boyfriend
–I mean addict
–I mean rapist

Not him.

You wanna call your dealer?

Does he still count as “my” dealer
if I never bought from him

He invited me
to an orgy the last
time I talked to him.
He called it
a “fun, adult night.”

My dad
heard me on the
phone with him.
I lied
and said it was some
from class who I felt
for, and gave him my number
out of pity, and now,
he wouldn’t stop
calling me.

a cumrag doesn’t make decisions
worthless fuckholes
stretched out
strung out


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