RP no. 2 (Love Is a Nightmare)

love is not contained in flesh love is airless light and untouchable undefinable a vacuum that takes all the air out of me love is dirt on the backside of a shovel at a Jewish funeral love is blood and pain peace and purity love is going to the hospital love is wanting to die after what you did to me love is knowing you’re on meth because of me love is painkillers love is a police report love is hoping you’ll go to jail love is your illegitimate daughters love is a restraining order love is trauma love is cheap gas station cigars love is eating the sandwich you made for yourself love is wanting to give you my favorite volume of poetry love is a nightmare love is a bathtub full of blood love is more than sex love is abuse love is lying under the brown fleece blanket soft as a feminine flower love is soft and nothing like you


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